The purpose of these names is to amuse the spectators and the opponents, and to have a unique name that is easy to remember for everyone. There is a large list of options in these names, and one can choose one of these or even come up with their own inspired versions.

The occasion and the situation for which you are using these golf team names ideas will also play a part in helping you determine which name is better suited. You want it to be noticeable and funny, not vulgar and indecent. Some people may take offense on that, especially at charity golf events.
Good Names
You can use any of these names for the purpose of golf names, and you can even alter some of them to suit your particular occasion. Choose wisely though, because these names will become your teams identity, once chosen.

The Putt Pirates
Fore Play
The Longballs
The Waterballs
Club Hoppers
Dirty Birdie
The Woodsmen
Green Gang
Slice and Dice
Stroke of Luck
Tee Totalers
Sand Gropers
The Sand Traps
Pin High
Hole in Ten
The Has-Beens
The Never-Coulds
The Drunken Wankers
The Wrecking Balls
Going Pro (not)
Sultans of Swing
The Bush Wackers
Tiger’s Wood
The Close Enoughs
Birdies, Bogeys, Beer and Bourbon

Fantasy Names
Fantasy golf is a good way to play the game without physically playing it. This version is played online and has a lot of different ways of playing. Here are some funny names that you can use for fantasy golf.

Hack Attack
The Chilli Dippers
The Swingers
The Caddies
The Gold Diggers
The Fair Miners
Balls of Fire
The Birdies
The Wonder Whackers
The Thunder Chickens
The Big Sticks
The Ball Washiers
The Hole in Fun Gang
The Handicap Chaps

More Names…
If these were not enough for you, here are some more funny team names for golf that can be entertaining and effective at the same time.

Team ‘Where’s the beer girl?’
Smokin Aces
Beer Wench
The Bigger Putters
The Mexicanity
Kids in a Sandbox
Lost Balls
Natural Hazards
We’re Slicers, not Hookers
The Caddy Daddies
Caddy don’t Preach
Fallopian Swim Team
Small Holes, Big Balls
The Short Putz
The Holey Ones
The Putter Nutters
The Dirty ½ Dozen
Meet the Putters

Mini Golf Team Names
Another popular version of the game of golf is mini golf. This is played on a mini golf course so it requires a much lesser degree of skill, and pretty much anyone can play it. For people who do not wish to play on a full golf course this is a suitable alternative.

Mini Me’s
The Little Giants
The Miniatures
Different Strokes
Long Shorts
The Uneven Pars
The Handicapped
The Long and the Short of it
Up to Par
Birdie Gurus
Where Birdies Land
The Foreirons
The Club Mongers
The Bogeymen
Dimpled Balls
Teemendous Team

When you are picking one of these, you need to have a certain purpose in mind. You need to choose if you are opting for self deriding and mocking humor, or sarcastic humor that is meant to make your opponents fear you. The message that you will be portraying via your team name will define how the crowd reacts to you, and how seriously your opponents consider you a threat. Going for something really cheesy and corny can backfire many times, but then again, it all depends on the situation. Some occasions will require a name that passes a message, whereas some other situations will simply require an extremely funny and ridiculous name.

No matter which one of these you choose, in the end it is supposed to be fun. The whole occasion is about ensuring that you and everyone else has a good time. So go ahead and choose the most appropriate name without offending anyone else.